Serendipity: Truck V.S. Car

Serendipity: Truck V.S. Car, originally uploaded by Burnt Umber.

I am not sure if this is the correct word. it’s definition is illusive and varies depending on which dictionary you read.

For me it means a confluence of events leading to something unexpected. Generally this is a good thing and depending on which end of things your point of view is, it can also mean something bad to someone else.

I stopped for lunch today only to find out I did not have my wallet. I headed home to get a bite to eat and was rather disgruntled at having to make the drive.

My luck had changed and as I drove I was shooting some Canadian tourists on motorcycles. Perhaps the drive home was not going to be so bad. Then traffic suddenly stopped. I saw the familiar lights up ahead so I stopped in a nearby strip mall to do some shooting.

What lay before me was a rather difficult scene. A delivery truck had T-boned a small car as it attempted to leave the strip mall and cross traffic. Both the driver and passenger were treated and were driven off in Ambulances.

This made me think. What was this couple doing just before the accident? Did he too forget his wallet? What events transpired minutes or even hours before that placed his VW in the path of that truck? Had I not forgotten my wallet I would not have been here, and I would have been happily eating a turkey sub.

In the end, my wallet was in the back seat, right where I placed it earlier that day.

Chance? Karma? Serendipity?



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